/20 Bridgestone MC20, exclusive tire partner for Maserati’s new supercar

20 Bridgestone MC20, exclusive tire partner for Maserati’s new supercar

Bridgestone has been selected as the exclusive tire supplier for Maserati’s new super sports car, the MC20. This collaboration between the two industry leaders has conquered new ground, enhancing the stunning capabilities of Maserati’s new MC20 by developing Bridgestone premium, custom-engineered Potenza tires.

During the development phase of the new MC20, Maserati needed a premium sports tire that could deliver exceptional performance. Bridgestone, Maserati’s longtime partner, gave a concise answer and turned it into reality with tailor-made Potenza tires.

VP Consumer Replacement and OE Steven de Bock at Bridgestone EMIA said on the announcement: “Fully developed, tested and manufactured in Europe, these custom-designed Potenza tires are designed to meet Maserati’s high demands. In collaboration with Maserati once again, we have developed a specially designed Potenza tire that allows Maserati’s MC20 to deliver its power, control and sporting capabilities. ”

The MC20 showcases Maserati’s latest technological and engineering innovations and represents a generational change in performance compared to previous models. Bridgestone has played a significant role in improving the MC20’s high performance efficiency with its bespoke Potenza tires, including improved steering design for better steering response and corner stability, a newly developed tread compound that increases grip and evenly pressed corner when distributing the footprint.

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