/200 years old statue of Ishwarachandra Vidyasagar, broken during violence in Bengal, know history

200 years old statue of Ishwarachandra Vidyasagar, broken during violence in Bengal, know history

In the violence during the road show of BJP president Amit Shah in Kolkata, the idol of the great philosopher, social reformer and writer Ishwar Chand Vidyasagar, which was located in the college campus on Tuesday, was broken. For which TMC has accused BJP workers and supporters. Confronting this incident, TMC and party leaders sign a picture of Vidyasagar in their Twitter profile photo.

1872 is considered to be a significant year for not only West Bengal but for the whole of India for higher education. This is the first private college that Indians have carried out, the teachers teaching in it have remained Indian since then. Even the Indian’s financial management continued to do so.

Due to the enthusiasm, aspiration and sacrifice of Pandit Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar, the college recognized the university for its education till graduation level in 1879. College for BL course was recognized in 1882. The opening of this college ended the monopoly of Europeans in higher education. College founder Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar passed away on July 29, 1891, after which the name of the college was changed to Vidyasagar College in the year 1917. During this time the statue was installed here.

The purpose of this college was to provide higher education to the middle class Hindus in less money. Until the beginning of this college, I had to go abroad for higher education. But those who did not have money to go abroad did not get higher education.

BJP demands action from EC
After the Amit Shah rally in Calcutta, the state has grown sharply after the violence and violence. The BJP is blaming Mamata for this, while Mamata Banerjee has accused the BJP of being a felony. BJP has been demanding immediate action by the Election Commission, complaining of violence.

On Tuesday, Amit Shah’s rally in Kolkata was stopped. The Kolkata Police had asked for the removal of the platform while demanding the papers. Subsequently, citing the Model Code of Conduct, many banner-posters and billboards were removed from the PM Modi-Shah and BJP bands on the streets. This was followed by violence during the evening of Amit Shah’s rally.

During the road show of Amit Shah in Kolkata, Maharashtra’s CM Devendra Fadnavis has targeted the Mamta Banerjee and said that he is afraid of his defeat, so he is killing democracy. He does not want to have a single election campaign against him. He has demanded that the Election Commission should conduct clean and fair polling.

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