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ASCI, InOrder, and ACCESS Health have teamed up to deliver one-of-a-kind healthcare management training

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Administrative Staff College of India and InOrder, two prestigious health systems training and research institutes, have partnered with global health systems think tank ACCESS Health International to deliver programmes on Health Informatics and Health Insurance, two upcoming and relevant fields in healthcare management.
At the ASCI campus, the six-month online Management Development certificate programmes were officially inaugurated.

The classes will start in December of 2021. Given the emergence of key public health initiatives such as Ayushman Bharat- Pradhan Mantri, health informatics and health insurance are important. Jan Aarogya Yojana and the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, both of which were just launched.

These factors, together with the expansion of private healthcare, including digital health and the private health insurance business, underscore the importance of preparing a cadre of skilled healthcare workers capable of managing these complex systems.

Dr. Nirmalya Bagchi, Director General (I/c) of ASCI, spoke at the event and emphasised the importance of joint training programmes. “We’ve been concentrating on collaborating with other national and international universities to offer courses.” ASCI contributes its class of hospital management infrastructure and theoretical foundation to the cooperation with InOrder, while InOrder and ACCESS Health bring practitioners, particularly in the sphere of insurance and health management. “This programme will undoubtedly attract a wide group of healthcare experts,” he said.

Health workers from both the public and private sectors are welcome to attend the courses. The goal of the Health Insurance programme is to give theoretical and practical knowledge for planning, creating, implementing, and monitoring a health insurance scheme, as well as to examine contemporary developments in government and commercial health insurance schemes.

“A complex social system need capable leadership.” The necessity of the hour is to train individuals to administer and regulate healthcare in an ethical manner. With the ever-changing fields of healthcare and health information, new skills are needed to handle healthcare purchasing and the complicated provider-purchaser relationship.”,Senior cardiologist and President, InOrder Dr Krishna Reddy Nallamalla said.

Dr. Bagchi, Dr. Reddy, Dr. Uma Aysola (Head of Alliances and Partnerships at ACCESS Health), course directors Dr Subodh Kandamuthan and Dr Saswat Kishore Mishra from ASCI, and Dr Anju Aggarwal and Dr Arundhathy Mamidi from ACCESS Health, along with Dr Shrikant Kalaskar from InOrder, officially launched the courses by releasing programme brochures. Brochures for the programme may be downloaded here. Health Informatics and Health Insurance are two fields that are intertwined.

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