/50 years ago India was removed from OIC, know what did Pakistan do then?

50 years ago India was removed from OIC, know what did Pakistan do then?

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj attended the recently held meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). He addressed the inaugural session of the Foreign Ministers meeting held in the United Arab Emirates as a special guest. Swaraj kept his point on the meaning of Islam in the Islamic countries.

In the 57-member Islamic Group meeting, Swaraj said, “As Islam means peace and none of the 99 names of Allah is violence, and in this way all the religions of the world give message of peace, compassion and brotherhood.”

But did you know that the country which got so much respect here today was insulted here 50 years ago. The reason for which was Pakistan. This organization was established in the year 1969. Pakistan was one of its founding members. The first meeting of this organization took place in Rabat, Morocco, in 1969.

At that time, Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of the country. He told India’s Ambassador to Morocco, Gurbachan Singh that in any way India should get the invitation of this organization. Efforts should be made for this. After which Gurbachan Singh’s efforts were invited to India at the first establishment conference of the OIC. This invitation was accepted by Indira Gandhi and the senior minister of her cabinet sent Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (who has also been the President of India) as a representative of India in this conference.

Threat of Pakistan
When Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed arrived in Morocco to attend the conference, the then dictator Yahya Khan of Pakistan threatened the OIC. He said that if India was called in this conference then Pakistan will boycott the conference. Pakistan was the founding member of this organization, due to this, the invitation given to India was withdrawn shortly before the commencement of the conference. But Ahmed was aware of this when he had left for Rabat to take part in the conference from his city hotel. Due to Pakistan’s objection, he had to return to the door only.

But today this event has taken 50 years. Things have completely reversed. This time the OIC has sidelined the threat of Pakistan’s boycott. Along with this, the host United Arab Emirates not only invited India to join it, but also gave it the status of a special guest. At the same time, there is a unique thing that this time the chair of Pakistan was empty in the swimmell.

Good relations with Gulf countries
External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj while addressing the meeting said that there is good relationship between India and the Gulf countries. India has deep relationships with the countries present here. Good relations with Iraq, Palestine. Many of us have seen the light of freedom and hope at the same time. We have stood together in solidarity with our quest for dignity and equality.

External Affairs Minister also met the OIC Secretary Yusuf bin Ahmed and Chairman Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed here.

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