/6th Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival kicks off in the city

6th Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival kicks off in the city

Bengalis in Hyderabad (HBFF), a non-profit cultural organization, is preparing to host the 6th edition of another alternate Hyderabad Film Festival from 18 July to 21 July. Launching on July 19 at the Prasad Labs Preview Theater in Banjarahills by renowned filmmaker Buddeb Dasgupta and superstar Nagarjuna Akkineni. The film ‘Urojahaj’ directed by Sri Dasgupta will be screened at the inauguration. At the inauguration ceremony, the Bangladesh In Hyderabad (HBFF) Society honored Patu Sri Dasgupta and Sri Nagarjuna with leading writer and filmmaker Faridur Reza Sagar from Bangladesh.

This year’s Bengali Panorama segment featured 13 Bengali films, 2 of which were directed by Manab Manabi, directed by Subrata Sen & Shironam. 9 other films will be screened as part of the film festival. The festival will also feature Unwanted, a film directed by Bollywood’s renowned editor Dilip Deo.

The film festival also features a large lifestyle exhibition called “Indus Tale”. The exhibition will kick off at the Prasad Labs premises on July 19 at 11 am with the hands of celebrity star Swastika Mukherjee.

Partha Pramom Mallik, Director, Hyderabad Film Festival and General Secretary, Bengalis in Hyderabad, said that the film festival, which is taking place on the eve of the Bengali film cinema, has played a key role in national integrity issues. At this year’s Film Festival, it is revealed that other languages ​​of Bengali films are also being screened.

Mousami Sharma, President, Bengalis in Hyderabad, said, “Hyderabadis are very receptive to the Bengali Film Festival they are conducting. The people of the film industry are proud and feel very proud of themselves.

Earlier, Amala, who was the chief guest at the event, said that she was happy to be a partner in the Bengali film festival of this year. She congratulated the organizers for their work in the carnival environment, not just the film festival, but also said that she hopes the Hyderabadites will succeed.

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