October 25, 2021, 11:38 am
Headlines :

Afghanistan fell to Taliban

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While it is a moment of euphoria for the Talibani, it’s a moment of horror for countless others in Afghanistan now. The chaotic scene at the Kabul Airport reveals how people are intensely panicked and confused. Big powers like USA UK, Canada, India are also scrambling to flee the state.

The rapid evacuation initiatives taken by those big countries imply they are utterly powerless. Of course, the fact that the Taliban captured Afghanistan without much bloodshed itself is a very serious concern. Something must be cooking in the pot of militancy.

It is a big lesson to be learned by other neighboring countries. Please note, Taliban can surge towards Pakistan and a lot more things could happen. I don’t want to stir hornet’s nest, but we must be careful that they sting those who don’t listen to their hard laws.

Will Nobel laureate Malala raise her head and speak out? At least for those all hapless women in Afghanistan who will be forced to bury all their individuality and potentialities at one go. The UNO should not veil its head in shame!