/After all, why China rescued Masood Azhar for being declared a global terrorist for the fourth time in 10 years

After all, why China rescued Masood Azhar for being declared a global terrorist for the fourth time in 10 years

As a matter of fact, China once again foiled efforts to declare Jaish-e-Mohammed sangana Maulana Masood Azhar, a Pakistan-based global terrorist, under his influence. France, the United States and Britain vetoed Wednesday against a resolution brought in the United Nations Security Council against Masood. With this, the proposal was canceled. This is the fourth chance in the last ten years, when China has saved Masood from being declared a global terrorist due to his selfishness.

A diplomat in the UN told that China has placed the proposal on ‘Technical Hold’. France, Britain and the United States were brought on 27th February by the United Nations Security Council’s 1267 Al-Qaeda Ban Committee. The members of the committee were given a time limit of 10 working days to object to this proposal.

This period was being concluded at 12.30 AM on Thursday, but before the end of this, China held the proposal. The diplomat says that China has demanded more time to review the proposal. The committee takes its decisions with the consensus of the members. According to the rules of the committee, if no objection is received till the NOC, then the proposal is accepted as acceptance.

China was already maneuvering
The discrepancy of China was addressed just before the meeting of the committee, when it demanded more evidence from India against the guilty Masood of several terror attacks including the Pulwama. To stop the proposal, China had gone on foot and said that there should be a solution to this issue, which is acceptable to all parties.
Permanent members get Veto power
Indeed, with the United States, France, Britain and Russia in the United Nations Security Council, China has the veto power. If any of these countries veto against any proposal, then the proposal is rejected.
How often do you stop
India had first proposed a proposal against Masood Azhar in 2009. After this he proposed the 2016 again. China first foiled India’s efforts in March 2016 and again in October 2016. In 2017, the United States proposed a proposal with the help of Britain and France, but in this, China has vetoed it.
China’s opposition to this
Jaisa Rashna Masood Azhar is a Pakistani army and ISI’s choice, while Pakistan is the closest friend of China in Asia. At the same time, China needs a special ambition of its ambitious OBOR project, especially its powerful army and ISI. That’s why he is saving Masood repeatedly. Apart from this, China dislikes friendship with India’s America, Japan. That is why he wants to keep India in the issues like Masood. Apart from this, Beijing Tibetan religion teacher also irritates India by giving shelter to the Dalai Lama.
What is the UN’s 1267 Committee
ISIL (DAEH) and Al-Qaeda Ban Committee or the 1267 Prohibition Committee oversees the standards of restrictions in the United Nations. Nominees individuals and organizations who meet the criteria of the specified listing. Discussions and requests for exemption from restrictions. It imposes restrictions on imports of weapons, restrictions on travel, seizure of property. It is also reviewed every 18 months. The committee has so far banned 257 people and 81 institutions.
Modi’s Foreign Policy Again False Congress
Today, the war against terrorism has shocked the Chinese-Pak alliance. Even after the 56-inch huglomacy and swinging game, the Chinese-Pakistan combination is showing India ‘red-eye’. Once again, a failed Modi government’s failed foreign policy was exposed. – Randeep Singh Surjewala, Congress spokesman tweet

So Masood saves China
1.7 lakh crore investment in Pakistan, 77 companies
In China, China will invest 55 billion dollars (Rs 3.8 lakh crore) in the seapac. Has spent 46 billion dollars (3.2 lakh crore) in many projects. Pakistan has the highest number of 77 companies in China.

  1. Keeping India on the domestic front
    China considers India as the biggest economic rival. He wants India to be entangled in domestic problems by not paying attention to important points of South Asia. If he goes against Masood then India looks strong.
  2. Pakistan with action on Muslims
    There are many restrictions on Uyghar Muslims in China. They can not read till the prayer in the open. Only Pakis from the countries of the Islamic Cooperation Organization consider this bane right. China needs to cook on this front too.
  3. US and Dalai Lama also reasons
    Indo-US relations go against China So China has made Massoud a weapon. As India understands Masood, the same way China recognizes the Dalai Lama for shelter in India.
    Even if Masood becomes a bain, terrorists like Saeed
    After 26/11, Hafiz Saeed has also been declared a Global Terrorist by the UN. But, he still rallies in Pakistan. Prepares Terror. It is of course that Jamaat-ud-Dawa does not openly take responsibility for attacks to protect himself from the eyes of the world.
    First offer in 2009, came again 3 times, China dropped every time.In 2009, 2016 and 2017, China has also used veto against Masood declared as a Global Terrorist. India had first proposed a proposal against Masood in 2009. For the second time the United States and Britain for the third time and France together Now for the fourth time, the United States, Britain and France.
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