/After two decades, the general election will be in the shadow of nationalism

After two decades, the general election will be in the shadow of nationalism

In response to the counter-attack against Pakistan in the Pulwama attack case, BJP is gossip after the Indian Air Force’s surgical 2 was executed. The party hopes that after this action, in the year 1999, after the Kargil war, the Nationalist Congress Party will emerge as a wave in favor of Modi as the next general elections. Significantly, after the fall of the government, after the fall of the Kargil war, the Bookie Nationalist Bayar had returned to power in the BJP all over the country. Then, in just 114 seats Simti Congress had to face a historic defeat.
Considered BJP strategists, this action against Pakistan has once again focused the entire election on nationalism. In the general elections held in the shadow of nationalism, the party has the largest nationalist face of the party, PM Modi. Concerned by the Opposition alliance in one of the bigger states in opposition, the party wanted to in some way focus on the issue of leadership of other local issues.

Now with the surgical strike of the Air Force, not only is the possibility of airing all the local issues, but the party also feels that the strong regional parties in their respective states on the question of the decisive PM also like the last election This time too will have to suffer loss. Significantly, in many states, in spite of being displeased with the regional party, people voted in favor of the BJP in the name of Modi only.
BJP Strategy
From the public meeting of Rajasthan, the BJP has started exercising the strategy to redeem the issue. By now, till the general elections, all the leaders of the party will keep their speeches in the public meetings mainly on this issue. Apart from this, the party will organize continuous political programs at the state, district and block level. Meanwhile, the strategy of reducing the image of the PM has been made.

Atal had survived the government

The BJP saved its power in the Bhi Nationalist Bay, due to the Kargil war in 1998, in the general elections held in the last year of 1999. Before the fall of the government by a vote, the BJP was apprehensive about the results of the next election. But in this election, the party not only maintained its record of 182 seats, but the number of Congress seats decreased from 141 to 114. This was the biggest defeat of the Congress till now. However, by winning just 44 seats in the 2014 elections, the Congress demolished its own record of defeat.

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