/Alia charged with copying photoshoot

Alia charged with copying photoshoot

There are so many times in Bollywood that when you are accused of copying a movie poster. This time, this is not the poster of any film, but the same photo has been accused of a magazine. When Alia Bhatt was trolled by saying a copy cat, he replied to it.

In fact, Alia recently made a photo shoot for Filmfare Magazine. As soon as the Magazine said many users of the photo share on the Instagram, they compare Ali’s pose and style to the famous singer Dua Lipa. Dua shared this picture on his social media page.

An Instagram account which often shares photos on the celebrity’s style and fashion copy. Accused of stealing on the picture of Aliya from the account and wrote that ‘Magazines should be careful when copying this way openly.’

Alia wrote a story on Instagram for her photoshoot, “I shot for this cover on February 6 while the second photo was uploaded on February 24th. I am not spying but you have to give something to the people. “

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