/Anmol Narang became the first Sikh woman to graduate from the US Military Academy

Anmol Narang became the first Sikh woman to graduate from the US Military Academy

Anmol Narang has made history by becoming the first Sikh woman to graduate from the prestigious US Military Academy in West Point. Second Lieutenant Narang hopes that his efforts to represent his religion and community will encourage Americans to learn more about Sikhism. US President Donald Trump on Saturday addressed 1,107 youth, including 23-year-old Narang, who attended the academy’s annual convocation.

According to news agency PTI, Narang said in an interview, “It is a wonderful feeling. Is a proud experience. I have never worked hard for anything in my life. As a Sikh woman this is a very important part of my identity and it would be great if my experience apart from a career could also play a small role in motivating others. ‘Narang’s maternal grandfather was in the Indian Army and therefore in the military services since childhood. He was interested in

Narang was born in Roswell, Georgia and grew up there. The first generation members came to America from him. He aspired to join the army in high school. She visited Pearl Harbor National Monument in Honulu, Hawaii with her family and was inspired to apply for West Point. At the ceremony on Saturday, due to the precautions of Kovid-19, a distance of six feet was placed between the officers who received the degree.
Trump said in his address, “The prestigious military academy only gives the best, strongest and bravest officers.” West Point is a symbol of American bravery, loyalty, dedication, discipline, and skill. ‘Other Sikh religions have also graduated from the academy, but Narang is the first follower of the religion to follow all traditions of the religion Huh.

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