/AquaVet Group Announces Partnership with FishVet Group Asia to Advance Indian Aquaculture

AquaVet Group Announces Partnership with FishVet Group Asia to Advance Indian Aquaculture

Hyderabad: In India, Aquaculture is still an area which needs more focus for fishermen and aquaculturists.

FishVet Group Asia has signed a MoU with Indian Based AquaVet group to provide solutions to aquatic health menace in the Country.
In a media Interaction at the 11th edition of Poultry India Exhibition in Hyderabad, Dr.Andy Shinn from Fish Vet Group Asia said that their aim is to help keep abreast with the latest developments and practices in health and welfare of the Aquatic animal, nutrition etc.
Dr.Andy further emphasized on to offer value to the project, FishVet Group Asia, and AquaVet group,together shall capitalize its technical outcomes through best practice guidelines and the pilot actions will be open to academia and the aquaculture industry.
“This is an exciting field to be working. We have already come a long way in terms of production in short period but if we are to continue to makes strides in the years ahead then we must collaborate to tackle these challenges to aquatic animal health and welfare”, Dr. Shinn noted.
Dr. Jeherul Islam emphasized on the efforts taken up since years by the AquaVet group is the Blue revolution in the country. Dr.Islam is the core sole of Aqua vet Group presently doing operation from Headquarters in Kolkata.
When asked about how this project help Farmers and Indian Economy Dr.Jeherul Islam said that Currently, much of the economic benefits from capture fisheries and aquaculture are not going to the farmers. A number of interventions are needed and to develop synergy between science and policy in fisheries and aquaculture.
“Our one of the target to work closely with research collaboration across disciplines, research partners to facilitate greater livelihood of the Fish Farmers,” Dr.Islam added.
Dr. Amit Das, the other partner from AquaVet group mentioned,” The project initiative focuses on making the best use of the nutrient flow in aquaculture facilities by farming together species belonging to different trophic levels.”
Dr. Das further said the provision of training in aquatic animal health is the main area they have been working now.
“we are now in the process to design, running and inspection of diagnostic labs, Fisheries management training, and that’s how we are happy to collaborating with FishVet group to get the technical support for aquatic animal health,” Dr.Amit Das uttered.
Dr.Amit Das claimed that this initiative is going to help in accurate disease diagnostic methods, nutrition and veterinary health plans for fish farmers to minimize the likelihood of disease.

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