/Ayodhya verdict: Police focused on security areas

Ayodhya verdict: Police focused on security areas

Prior to the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Ayodhya dispute, police have tightened security to counter any situation in the shrine .

Authorities have re-enacted an order by which Ayodhya and neighboring districts are divided into four regions — red, yellow, blue and green.

Police were keeping an eye on the pilgrimage town through CCTV and drone cameras, besides various security teams were deployed along with the dog squad.

The Ayodhya police are busy to stop spreading rumors circulating on social media and over the phone and has made it clear that the report about the recording of the voice call was false.

The clarification came after a message was circulated on social media stating that the police would record calls and all devices would be connected to the government system. The police termed it a fake message and warned internet users to refrain from sharing such posts.

“We are only monitoring social media accounts to track hate messages. We are not encroaching anyone’s privacy, ”said Vijay Pal Singh, Additional SP, Ayodhya.

The four regions are named red, yellow, blue and green. The yellow zone is the area that includes all temples, Dharamshala, hotels, ghats and houses related to the disputed land. Police are collecting details of residents, people working there and vehicles parked in the zone.

The zone

Red: Area around the disputed site
Yellow: All temples, Dharamsala, Ghats and houses belonging to the disputed land
Blue: Outskirts of Ayodhya (Old Faizabad City)
Green: All districts adjoining Ayodhya

Heavy deployment of security personnel is expected on the day the Supreme Court gives its verdict.

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