May 6, 2021, 7:50 pm
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Bangladesh, 4 people were killed in a clash between workers and police at a power plant

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in Bangladesh, 4 people were killed in a clash between workers and police at a power plant

At least four people have been killed and at least 12 others injured in a three-way clash between workers, police and locals at a private company’s power plant in Chittagong’s Banshkhali upazila.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Saiduzzaman Chowdhury told BBC Bangla that they have been informed of the death of four people from the hospital.

“The clashes in the power plant area started around 10.30 am. Police have taken necessary steps to bring the situation under control. Additional forces from the city have gone to the spot. The situation is now under control,” he said.

Asked about the cause of the clash, he said there were various problems with salaries but the cause of today’s clash could be ascertained after an investigation. Additional Superintendent of Police in Chittagong Humayun Kabir said the area was now under police control. However, he could not say exactly how many people were killed or injured.

Although the doctor on duty at Banshkhali Upazila Hospital. “At the moment, we have four bodies in the hospital. They died before they came to the hospital. There are bullet marks on their bodies. There are 12 others injured,” said Shawkat Hossain.

Liaquat Ali, chairman of the Union Parishad in the area where the power plant is located, said, “The power plant is supplied by an outside company. They have been having problems with the workers’ money for a long time. The incident is inside the compound. We are not allowed to enter there.” Workers were protesting for some demands.

The workers were also demanding their arrears council. They called for a blockade today, said a resident of the area adjacent to the power plant. Goes, ”said a local man.

Incidentally, the construction of the power plant at Gandamara Union in Banshkhali, Chittagong has caused a number of casualties in the past as public opinion in the area has been divided since the beginning. Happens.