/Bhagwat, who arrived in the two-day Dharma Parliament in Kumbh, will announce the date of construction of the temple!

Bhagwat, who arrived in the two-day Dharma Parliament in Kumbh, will announce the date of construction of the temple!

A two-day Viraat Dharma Parishad will be held in Prayagraj Mahakumbha, under the aegis of Vishva Hindu Parishad, in the middle of a petition seeking withdrawal of 67 acres of land acquired by the Central Government in the Supreme Court.
VHP Regional Spokesperson Sharad Sharma said that the Saint-Dharmacharya of the country and the country including Sarasangha driver Mohan Bhagwat is joining the Dharma Parliament. Political figures will not be included in the Parliament.

A proposal related to Ram Mandir on February 1 will be presented in the Parliament. Work will be done according to the saint’s decision on the Ram temple, Mahant Kamalan Das, a member of Ramjanmabhoomi Trust, said that the Samaj Sansad will be the guiding light of construction of the Ram temple. Sant Samaj can not wait any longer for Ram temple

At the same time, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad is seen getting support from the National Self-Service Association, to begin construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya soon. It is believed that after the interaction between the Sangh driver Mohan Bhagwat and the VHP office-bearers of RSS, arriving here, it is believed that the date of the construction of the VHP will be announced in the two-day Dharma Parliament starting today.
The VHP’s Parliament of Religions has witnessed the whole country along with the Government. Significantly, in the Supreme Court, the VHP also expressed displeasure with the sages as well as the Ayodhya hearing on repeated adjournments. The VHP had clearly said that in this case it will no longer tolerate the delay.

Saranjh Driver Mohan Bhagwat was invited to join the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Parliament, which started on Thursday in Kublanagar for the purpose of connecting the Sangh with the union for building the temple.

But Bhagwat reached Kumbhnagar just a day before the scheduled date in the east. Bhagwat’s arrival in the VHP camp was kept secret however. As soon as they came, the camp was first organized in the camp.

Later Bhagwat held a meeting in connection with the RSS and the VHP officials in connection with the Parliament of Religions. After this, the meeting of the core committee of the RSS and the VHP was held once again late in the evening.
According to the sources, after the brainstorming in both the meetings, the conclusion was that after considering the public sentiments on the construction of the Ram temple, it should not be delayed in deciding its date. This is the better time to declare the date of construction of the temple. Therefore, it is to be announced in the Parliament of Religions only through the saints the date of construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Feedback given to Bhagwat, CM will also be included
Even before the arrival of Sarsanghchalak, many senior RSS functionaries were present in Prayagraj. These people were holding the pulse of saint and common people’s feelings about the Parliament of Dharma.

In the meeting on Wednesday, these office bearers apprised the Sarsanghchalak of the feedback of the saints and the common people. Permission was made to fix the date of construction of Ram temple. After this, the program for the arrival of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been decided.

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