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D/T : 3 July 2022 5:48 PM

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Blogger Abhijit’s murder verdict today



The verdict in the murder case of blogger Abhijit Roy is on Tuesday

Blogger and writer Abhijit Roy was killed in a militant attack in 2015.

A Dhaka court is set to give its verdict tomorrow (Tuesday) in the murder case of popular writer Abhijit, which was filed in Bangladesh about six years ago.

The verdict comes just days after eight people were sentenced to death for the murder of Faisal Arefin Dipan, publisher of Abhijit Roy’s book.


The manner in which Abhijit was killed in public after leaving the book fair in Dhaka in 2015 caused a great stir not only in Bangladesh but also outside the country.

What happened that day
The day was February 26th. The book fair has become jam-packed.

After leaving the book fair and crossing the gate of Suhrawardy Udyan, blogger and writer Abhijit Roy was suddenly attacked from behind.

At that time, photojournalist Jiban Ahmed was inside the Suhrawardy Udyan near the spot.

This is how he described the subsequent events. “Suddenly a loud scream. It’s like people screaming when they hit someone hard. I still don’t understand something big has happened. But I came out from inside Suhrawardy Udyan to see what happened.”


“As I approached and pushed the crowd, I saw one lying on the ground, another woman lying on a motorcycle next to me. There was blood all around. People from the side were saying that she was stabbed with a knife.”

Jiban Ahmed says he was shocked by the suddenness of the incident.

Couldn’t figure out what to do. All the people were standing and watching. At one point he decided to help.

“I called the woman first. After calling three times, she regained consciousness. She was lying on her back. But as soon as she regained consciousness, she raised her head and turned towards me. I was shocked. There was horrible blood on my face, body and hands.”

Jiban Ahmed later found out that the woman’s name was Rafida Ahmed Bonya.


Jiban Ahmed said that after regaining consciousness, the flood did not understand at first what had happened. When he was later informed, he shouted and ran towards Abhijit.

Then he kept asking people for help to take him to the hospital. But no one came forward.

Later, Jiban Ahmed extended a helping hand.

Abhijit’s wife Bonya was seriously injured that day but survived.

Abhijit’s wife Bonya was seriously injured that day but survived.


Jiban Ahmed says that Rafida Ahmed lost consciousness while reclining in the seat after getting into the flood CNG. After a while, regain consciousness. But then Jibon could no longer recognize Ahmed. Rather, he was considered an accomplice of the killers.

“As soon as he regained consciousness, he was saying very loudly, who are you? Why are you here? What do you want? I said, I am taking you to the medical center. He kept saying, I have not done any harm to you. Why are you beating us? . “

Jiban Ahmed says, after that the flood lost consciousness again.

At one stage their CNG reached Dhaka Medical.

Abhijit died at the hospital that night. His seriously injured wife Bonya recovered after a long treatment.


Abhijit Roy was a well known name in the blogging world of Bangladesh. He also wrote several books on science, atheism, and religion. He was also the founder of a community blogging platform called ‘Muktamana’.

Series blogger murder
Blogger Rajiv Haider was first assassinated in 2013, a couple of years before Abhijit’s assassination in Bangladesh.

But two years later, it was through the assassination of Abhijit that the murder of the series blogger, the writer, began.

Blogger Washikur Rahman Babu was killed on March 30, a month after Abhijit’s assassination.

In that year, a total of 5 bloggers, writers or publishers were killed in this way. Various militant groups have claimed responsibility for the attacks.


The killings continued the following year. Blogger Nazimuddin Samad and Julhaj Mannan, editor of the gay rights magazine Rupbane, were killed in April.

The horrific militant attack on the Holy Artisan Bakery on July 1 took place in the context of the militant group’s acceptance of responsibility for these incidents.

These are the cases of Abhijit’s murder
The day after Abhijit’s murder, his father Professor Ajay Roy filed a case with Shahbagh Police Station.

The incident caused a great stir not only in Bangladesh but also outside Bangladesh.

Abhijit was an American citizen. After the incident, a delegation of US FBI also visited Bangladesh.


Although the DB police initially carried out the investigation, in 2016 the counter-terrorism unit of the police got the responsibility of the investigation.

After four years of investigation, the chargesheet was given to the court on March 13, 2019. The chargesheet charged six people, two of whom were fugitives. The rest are in jail.

When the charge sheet was accepted in the court, the trial started on August 1, 2019 of the same year.

After hearing the arguments of both the parties in the court on February 4 this year, the court fixed the date for the verdict.

The verdict in this widely discussed case will be on February 17 today.


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