/Bus to Saudi killed 35- Asian, Arab citizens

Bus to Saudi killed 35- Asian, Arab citizens

State media said on Thursday that thirty-five foreigners were killed and four others were injured in another heavy vehicle crash in western Saudi Arabia.

The agency quoted police in Saudi Arabia’s Medina province as saying that the accident occurred around 7 pm. On the road connecting Mecca to the city of Madina on Wednesday. The accident “collided between a private chartered bus … with a heavy vehicle (loader) at the Al-Akhal center in the Medina region, which led to the death (35) and injuries to its passengers (4),” Medina A police spokesman said, according to the official Saudi press agency.

Saudi Arabian officials say 35 pilgrims have been killed in a bus accident near the Muslim holy city of Mecca.

The state-run Saudi press agency reported on Thursday that four others were injured in the crash. It added that the chartered bus proceeded, without expanding to Asian and Arab citizens.

Police is investigating the incident. Authorities did not reveal any immediate cause of the accident.

Every able Muslim is required to pray five times a day to perform Hajj or a religious visit to Islam in Mecca, the home of a cube-shaped Kaaba. Pilgrims also come during other times of the year.

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