/“China and Pakistan beware, this is new ‘hunter’, now it will be fatal” : Air Chief Marshal

“China and Pakistan beware, this is new ‘hunter’, now it will be fatal” : Air Chief Marshal

Now be careful your enemies, Pakistan and China, be careful, if there is any movement then you will get a quiet answer. The Indian Air Force has got a hunter who will destroy the enemy by blinking. Photos will be overview.

Four Chinook helicopters have landed in the country and by the end of March next year, its last consignment will also come. After this, the Indian Air Force fleet will have the world’s 15 most dangerous heavy elevator CH-47F (I) helicopters. This will make the air force strike more deadly. After the US company Boeing arrives from Chinook to India, the Air Force has also begun in its forthcoming strategy.

On the other hand, Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa, on the arrival of Chinook, instructed China and Pakistan to be “vigilant”. Dhanoa has already cleared that the units of Chinook will remain stationed in the northern and eastern regions of India. Under this, the first unit has been deployed at 12 Wing Air Force Station, Chandigarh, so that the Air Force is fully prepared to respond to nefarious movements from Pakistan.

During the war situation, Chandigarh Air Force Station remains a key role, while the second unit of Chinookie will be stationed in the day-long airfield of Assam-based Air Force. This airfield is from the time of World War II (1945) and the distance from China Border is not too much. Deploying Chinook on this airfield will also alert the Indian Air Force China. In this way, this strategy of the Air Force will prove to be effective in India’s current situation with China and Pakistan.

Chinook will be helpful on the sudden move of the enemy
Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa admitted that the country is currently going through the Multiple Security Challenge. Therefore, it is extremely important to upgrade the pest to the fatal and the technique. According to him, chinook will be helpful in day or night in various military operations in the High Altitude Area. If the enemy suddenly enters our region in the High Altitude area on Pakistan and China border, then this Chinook is capable of reaching our military power immediately to the respective area. During the Kargil war, the country has passed through such a situation when Pakistan Army crossed the LoC and captured Indian bunkers.

After coming to Rafael, Pakistan will not blow near Border, Eloisei
Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa said that after coming to Rafael Pakistan will not be able to get the courage to come near the International Border and the LoC. Rafael will ensure that the hurdle of our air defense against the enemy has increased. After this, Pakistan will have to think many times to move towards Border and LoC. Along with Raphael, Chinook will also prove to be ‘game-changer’ in the war zone. According to the deal from France, 36 Rafael Indian Air Force has to meet and its first ship will arrive in India in September 2019.

According to Dhanoa, Rafael’s Air to Air functionality in the battlefield is extremely tremendous and dangerous. Pakistan has no answer to this. Rafael will be equipped with air-to-air missiles, in which the capacity to kill enemy aircraft will be 150 kilometers. When asked about Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa that Pakistan has claimed on its national day that Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan of Pakistan has led the fronts on National Day by flying JF-17. Taking stock of Dhanoa on this, said that, with Air Chief Marshal of Pakistan, it should also be asked where he flew the JF-17 fighter.

Chinook was helpful in the elimination of bin Laden
When America killed Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, Chinook was very helpful in that operation. This helicopter has played a major and decisive role in Iraq including the Vietnam War, Libya, Iran, Afghanistan. In this helicopter, soldiers can be sent to ammunition, cannon and weaponry at one go. It is difficult to catch the helicopter with the radar. It can blow up two pilots. This helicopter can fly up to 10 tons and weigh up to 20000 ft height. Despite heavy luggage, it is 280 km Can fly at the speed of per hour. This helicopter can also land in small helipads and canyons. Chinook helicopter will be helpful in relief and rescue operations.

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