/China extradition bill is “dead”, students are not satisfied : Carrie Lam

China extradition bill is “dead”, students are not satisfied : Carrie Lam

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that the extradition bill that gave rise to the city’s biggest political crisis in decades, it was dead and the government’s work on the bill was “a total failure”.
But in the Asian Financial Center, Lamb’s attempt to restore order and stick to his job did not satisfy many protesters, who demanded to completely withdraw the bill and declare the bill as dead and play the game of the word charged up.

The bill, which has allowed people in Hong Kong to send to the mainland China to face trial in the courts controlled by the ruling Communist Party, performed heavily and often protested violent road protests and the former British colony was in turmoil Put in.

In mid-June, Lam responded to the protest, which suspended the bill and threw thousands of people on the streets.

Students of the university who made bulk of protesters rejected the latest comments from Lam, he said that nothing more than the full refund of the bill. “What we want is to completely withdraw the bill. He is playing the word game, “said Chan Wai Lam William, General Officer of the Students Union of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Protestors have called LAM to resign as Chief Executive (CE) of Hong Kong, to conduct an independent investigation of police action against protesters, and to leave the government on 12th June describing a violent protest in the form of a riot.

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