/China warns India over If Huawei service termination

China warns India over If Huawei service termination

China has asked India not to stop its Huawei Technologies from doing business in the country, there may be a warning to Indian firms running in China.

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that India is testing to set up next-generation 5G cellular network in the next few months, but has not yet considered whether it will invite Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer.

Huawei, the world’s largest company to create such a gear, is in the center of a geopolitical tug of war between China and America. US President Donald Trump’s administration cited national security concerns and put the company in black list in May. It has asked its colleagues not to use Huawei’s equipment, which says that China can exploit for espionage.

For internal discussion in New Delhi, two sources said that India’s Ambassador to Beijing, Vikram Mishri, was asked to the Chinese Foreign Ministry on 10 July to discuss the US campaign to keep China out of the 5G mobile infrastructure worldwide. Listen to China’s concerns.

During the meeting, Chinese officials said there could be a “reverse ban” on Indian firms engaged in trade in China, with Washington pressure that India should block Huawei, one of the sources said in a readout of the ambassador’s meeting Cited.

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