June 19, 2021, 4:00 pm
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Corona virus: Bangladesh on one stage with China to get vaccinated

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Bangladesh has said that China has proposed to set up archives in South Asian countries with the aim of expediting coronavirus vaccines.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen confirmed that Bangladesh had agreed to the proposal.

However, this process – mr Momen described as the Emergency Covid Vaccine Storage Facility – is thought to be excluding India. The minister said five South Asian countries have been proposed to join the framework.

In other words, the Emergency Covid Vaccine Storage Facility for South Asia could be made up of six countries led by China.

The five countries that China has proposed are Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Mr. Momen said Bangladesh had “agreed in principle” to join the structure, adding that there was no objection to joining the storage facility in Dhaka. Other countries have also agreed to the proposal.

“Sometimes there is a sudden shortage of vaccines in different countries. They may need vaccines on an emergency basis. That is why China wants to build a storage facility to meet the need by providing vaccines from these storages in case of emergency,” he said.

Bangladesh is now relying entirely on neighboring India for the coronavirus vaccine. But the country has now stopped exporting vaccines, leaving the coronavirus vaccination program in Bangladesh in a state of complete uncertainty.

Health officials have previously said that Bangladesh is now trying to collect vaccines from alternative sources.

For now, the initiative to set up an emergency covid vaccine storage facility excluding India is still being discussed, the Bangladeshi minister said.

On the question of whether India will be excluded from this initiative in the end, Mr. Momen said Dhaka was not yet aware of the matter, as the proposal came from the Chinese side and they could bring it.

Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for making the Kovid-19 vaccine available to all. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has been saying the same thing for a long time.

China now wants a South Asian country to be provided with the Covid 19 vaccine as soon as possible if it is needed urgently.

However, it has not yet been decided in which country the storage facility will be built and discussions are underway, he said. Momen.

He said Bangladesh wanted to know the details of the matter from the Chinese government.

Besides, Bangladesh will liaise with all countries to collect vaccines, the foreign minister said.