/Denial of stay on the release of the movie ‘PM Narendra Modi

Denial of stay on the release of the movie ‘PM Narendra Modi

The Supreme Court has refused to ban the Prime Minister Modi’s life on the film ‘PM Narendra Modi’ at the moment. The court asked the petitioner Aman to first clarify what has been shown in the film and what objection he has. The top court will hear it again on Tuesday.
Aman is the Congress worker who filed a petition against the release of the film. A bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi told senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, appearing for the petitioner, “We do not know what is in the film. First you should come to see the film and tell us. ‘Singhvi said on this, the film’s trailer has been released, thereby affecting the principle of providing equal opportunity in the Lok Sabha elections.

The bench has asked the petitioner, who has stopped appearing for the hearing on Tuesday, to present the evidence and facts and tell him about what he has objection about the film. In addition, the bench turned down the demand of the petitioner to make the film available.

The petition said that the purpose of this film is to promote political ambitions by promoting it. This will affect the principle of providing equitable opportunities to all in the Lok Sabha elections, 2019. The release of the movie ‘PM Narendra Modi’ will have an adverse effect on the concept of free and fair elections and it is against the basic structure of the Constitution. The petitioner also says that four of the film’s producers are associated with the ruling party.

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