/Devi Boron and Sindur Khela with great Zeal at Hyderabad

Devi Boron and Sindur Khela with great Zeal at Hyderabad

Not only Kolkata,Assam, Bihar or Tirpura, there was a buzz of Sindoor Khela at the Nizam city too.. The women played sindur and bid farewell to the goddess Durga.

Today is Vijaya Dasami and according to Bengali custom, women of Bengali community today play Sindur Khela to protect Suhag and wish to protect her husband and Children.

Pic Courtesy : Samarjit Sarkar Roy Mahajan

On the occasion of Vijayadashami, sindur was played by women of Bengali Community in Hyderabad Bangalee Samity today. It is believed that on this day, women of Bengali society play Sindur (vermilion) to bid farewell to the mother Durga after worshiping.

Pic Courtesy : Samarjit Sarkar Roy Mahajan

The Bengali community with a heavy heart immerses the clay idol of the Goddess on this day. But the most interesting part of the six-day ceremony is made just before the immersion, known as the Debi Boran and Sindur Khela rituals. In Debi Boran in which women offer Sindur on the face and feet of the Durga with betel nut, feeding sweets and other items . This is purely a women’s rituals and that too only for married women.

The sindoor khela is celebrated by Bengali Hindu women. Traditionally, this ritual is for married women who follow a set custom and protocol during sindoor khela, believing that it will bring good luck for them and long life for their husband.

Pic Courtesy : Samarjit Sarkar Roy Mahajan

Earliar days Widow and unmarried women are generally forbidden. But as Maa Durga is for everyone, this ritual now includes all women be it married, widowed or transgender, to show that it is a universal relationship for all women. This ritual is now gaining popularity among other communities as well.

Pic Courtesy : Samarjit Sarkar Roy Mahajan

Before the idols are taken for immersion, they collect small amounts of vermilion from the goddess, as it is believed that it will provide good health to her husband when used by them. All that is left on the fingers is applied to each other’s foreheads, face, chin and cheeks and also the bangles worn by every married Bengali woman. The origin of this ritual is said to have started about 200 years ago.

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