/Do you know History of first clove tree ?

Do you know History of first clove tree ?

3 thousand years back for the first time in the world the clove tree was grown .

You must have used cloves, either as a spice or a toothache. This spice is widely used in India. Even though cloves have made their mark in the world today, but do you know where the clove tree was first grown for the world? It has a long history.

According to a BBC report, about three thousand years ago, the clove tree was used only on some islands in East Asia. It is said that the world’s oldest clove tree on the island of Ternate, Indonesia.

Most parts of the Tornet Island are volcanic, but still a large number of people come to visit. The BBC’s report says that 3-4 thousand years ago clove trees were found on Ternate, Tidore and some nearby islands. People who lived on these islands by doing clove business had become quite rich at that time.

It is said that when the sultans of Ternate and Tidor came to wealth from the clove business, they began to think themselves more powerful and fight in their own right. Taking advantage of this, the British and Dutch businessmen captured the areas where cloves were found in large quantities. For many years the islands were colonized by European countries.

Many species of animals are also found on these islands. Frogs that fly here are also found. In the nineteenth century, English scientist Alfred Russell Wallace spent many years on these islands in search of new breeds. In the year 1862, when he went back to London, he took with him samples of more than 1.2 million species. Today, due to them, we have got information about many breeds of animals.

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