/Does Baghdadi’s death brings terrorism to an end?

Does Baghdadi’s death brings terrorism to an end?

The world’s most notorious terrorist, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, died during a raid by US military forces. President Donald Trump said in a press conference on 27th October that dead of Baghdadi is another major victory in his fight against ISIS.

However, just as the death of former al-Qaeda leader bin Laden did not end terror, so will Baghdadi’s death be the end of terror?

The deaths of Laden and Baghdadi ended a chapter in the fight against Daeshism brand of terrorism but it won’t be wrong to say that the concept is still thriving as Washington was not going to stop undertaking policies that nurtured ideologies that represented Baghdadi.

In a recent Press Conference after Trump Declared Baghdadi’s death, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi also reacted to al-Baghdadi’s assassination. He said, “Terrorist, sectarian and extremist ideology still exists and has always been among the tools used by countries like the United States.”

Mousavi warned,”We caution that this ideology is still alive and that its survivors may be reorganized by the Americans and carry out a disastrous operation in the region.”

The Iranian diplomat had represented it as a card for domestic purposes upcoming election. He said that the operation was “nothing major” as Syria, Iraq and Iran had already defeated Daesh.

The world has witnessed the inauguration of the Pandora of Terrorism and Extremism across five continents since July 2014, when the IS terrorist group seized large tracts of land in Syria and Iraq following the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq in 2011.

Interestingly, the terrorist group not only committed atrocities in that area, but it claimed responsibility for inciting terrorist attacks in dozens of cities including Manchester, London, Berlin, Paris, Nice, Orlando and most recently Colombo.

The proclamation of a caliphate and ideology propagating violent religious extremism lured thousands of people around the world to join their jihadist movement.

So, the assassination of an IS leader should not be guarded against terrorism because the world has not yet completely wiped out its evil ideology. Neither would it necessarily guarantee that peace and stability would eventually prevail in the Islamic Country.

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