/Donald Trump 2016 presidential election wasn’t influenced by Russia: Report

Donald Trump 2016 presidential election wasn’t influenced by Russia: Report

Russia has been accused of influencing the presidential election campaign in 2016. Although Russia has dismissed such allegations. He says that he had no hand in the US Presidential election, but in America this fact was under investigation. Two years later, the investigation report has come up with it.

Robert Muller, the Special Counsel of the US Law Ministry, said on Sunday that there is no evidence that there was no evidence of the Donald Trump poll campaign in 2016 in any way influenced by Russia. Muller also investigated whether Trump interfered in justice but did not get a definitive answer.

In a four-page letter to the Congress, Attorney General William Bar said that the report of Muller does not exaggerate. The bar released a summary of four pages of Müller’s report on Sunday afternoon. Mullar completed his investigation on Friday, with no new charge being made on the trump.

For the last two years, Trump was on the radar of the investigating agencies on this matter. Democrats believe that Trump has tried to stop the investigation. The White House reported that Muller’s report was authentic. White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said, “In the investigation of the ministry it has come to the notice that the report about the US President is completely correct.”

In reality, the question of whether the Trump had tried to hinder the justice process by overthrowing the FBI director James Kome is not answered in the investigation of Mular. He had also drafted the incomplete details given on his meeting with his son’s Russian lawyer, during the election campaign.

After which the attorney general had to decide its decision. Interacting with officials of the DoG, Bar said that he and his assistant Rod Rosenstein found evidence in the depth of evidence that it was not enough to prove that the President had obstructed the justice process in any way.

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