/Everlasting Indian Classic – SHANKARABHARANAM

Everlasting Indian Classic – SHANKARABHARANAM

Very rare a celluloid movie..that too a South Indian movie..and surprisingly a Telugu movie became a torchbearer for Indian arts and culture!! Dismissed as a disaster on first day morning show with hardly 15-20 people watching it in on screen, this movie went on to run 300+ days packed house thereafter!!


The humongous response rekindled the hope that Indian art is as eternal as sky, inspite of other foreign cultural and music temperory dominance on our youth and region!

Any art is divine..we need to respect all art forms, specially local art forms says the protagonist Sri Shankara Shastry , charecter immortalized by JV Somayajulu Garu, and goes against caste and religion to protect the dying art and lay down his life passing on the baton to his outcasted disciple son…

The movie made K Viswanth Garu a Kala Tapasvi for life!!

The voice of Sri SP Balasubramanyam Garu for this movie ( who was not a professional carnatic singer) still rings in every Indian homes and will continue not do so for many more decades…

All artists and their work for this movie is etched in the minds of filmgoers and history of Indian Cinema!!

….the movie gave never dying fillip and appeal to speak in regional languages ….

Dhorakunaa Ituvanti Movie ( Seva ) again?!

Will it ever be possible to have the blessed privilege of watching such a Movie again!!?

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