/fakkad-baba of Mathura, have fought LS Election for 16 times, now preparing for the 17th

fakkad-baba of Mathura, have fought LS Election for 16 times, now preparing for the 17th

fakkad Baba Ramayani Age is 76 years. So far 16 Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha have contested. Now, 17th time are preparing to contest elections. Fakkad Baba says that his guru had said that he would win the elections for the twentieth time. Therefore, the gurus are following the command.

As soon as electoral noise prevails in Mathura district, everyone seems to be reminded of the Fakkad Baba Ramayani. Fakkad Baba fought the first election in 1976. Say 2000 rupees were spent. One had taken the carriage of a devotee. But Baba could not save his bail.

From then on, the election of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha is coming, Baba jumps to try his luck in it. It is said that Nishchalanand Saraswati is his Guru. He had said that continue to fight elections. Twenty-two times you will win the election. So he is constantly contesting elections.

Ramayana’s lesson has been done 32 thousand times
They believe that the words of Guru ji will be true. Those elections will definitely win. Now they have started preparations to contest the elections. It is said that twenty five thousand rupees have been collected. The devotees come and give money for the election.

Sawant Baba says that he used to go back home and read Ramayana. So far have read 32,000 times. Phukad Baba lives in the Galateshwar Mahadev Temple in the city. This time too he has been preparing to contest the elections.

For the Lok Sabha, All India Ramrajya Parishad has declared the Kankad Baba Ramayani as its candidate. Party’s national general secretary Devendra Chaturvedi said that Baba will file his nomination on the first day of the nomination process on March 19. Before this,Fakkad Baba will worship Yamuna at the Vishram Ghat. After this, the collectorate will reach the supporters.

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