/Fatwa against Nusrat Jahan for wearing Sindur, wearing Mangalasutra

Fatwa against Nusrat Jahan for wearing Sindur, wearing Mangalasutra

A fatwa has been issued to wear Sindur against the newly elected Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat Jain Ruhie. She also criticized for not marrying a Muslim man.

“After the investigation, we came to know that he has married in Jainism, Islam says that a Muslim can marry only a Muslim. Second, I want to say that Nusrat Jahan is an actor and they do not care about religion. They do what they want to do. This is what she had shown in parliament, “the news channel(Times Now) said as Maulvi Mufti Asad Wasami.

“She came in Parliament with Sindur and Mangalasutra, so talking about this was a waste of time. We can not interfere in his life. I just told him what Sharia says with the help of the media.
After this, there was a war between clerics and Hindu political activist Sadhvi Prachi.

Speaking in the defense of Nusrat, BJP leader Sadhvi Prachi said that if a Muslim woman wins Hindu and we wear bindi, scorpion, mangalasutra, then Muslim clerics call it Haram. She says, “I feel sorry for her intellect, but many Muslim men hang up our Hindu daughters in the name of love jihad and they are asked to wear a burqa, then this is not haram. This is fair for them. “

First-time MP Nusrat Jahan married businessman Nikhil Jain at a ceremony in Turkey.

Bengali actor, who contested her first election in the 2019 Lok Sabha election from Bashirhat seat, won by a huge margin.

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