June 19, 2021, 3:49 pm
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First Woman SI participates police encountered with Crime Branch team

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Two notorious criminals Rohit Choudhary and Titu were encountered by the Crime Branch of Delhi Police. Both the accused were wanted within the MACOCA case.In the wee hours on Thursday the crime branch team started their operation and the Woman Sub-Inspector Priyanka also joined the team. it had been the first time when a lady Sub Inspector actively participated in an encounter with wanted criminals and caught them.

“Rohit Choudhry along side his associate would be travelling by their car. We developed the knowledge and immediately sent a team. We noticed the car of criminals and signalled them to tug over but instead they tried to run away by hitting the barricade and opened fire at us. Thereafter we launched a counter-attack,” said DCP Bhisham.
The official said that one bullet of the criminal hit Sub-Inspector Priyanka but she escaped injuries as she was wearing a vest .

“In the encounter both the criminals received bullet injuries. Rohit was hit in his leg by the team. They were taken to RML Hospital then,” said DCP Bhisham.

The official said that the gangster Rohit Choudhary was carrying a gift of 4 lakh while his associate Titu was carrying a gift of Rs 2 lakh. aside from MACOCA they were involved in murder, plan to murder, and robbery cases.