June 19, 2021, 4:11 pm
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Following the publication of news: In Boalkhali Case against female journalist

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Following the publication of news: In Boalkhali
Case against female journalist

A false extortion case of Tk 7 lakh has been filed against Kazi Ayesha Farzana, general secretary of Boalkhali BMSF and correspondent of Daily Kalerkantha, for leaking news against SI. Meanwhile, when the news of the case was published online, the OC of that police station was intentionally sharing it with Abdul Karim’s own ID. The case was filed on March 26 by Shahina Akhter, a resident of Kadurtil area.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Mofsbol Journalists Forum-BMSF Central Committee has protested against the harassment by fabricating a false drama against a brave woman journalist in the wake of the police.

Copy of the news published against SI Jahangir of Boalkhali police station

In a statement sent to the media on Tuesday, BMSF president Shahidul Islam Pilot and general secretary Ahmed Abu Jafar said that when journalists published news against police irregularities and corruption, third parties stood up and harassed them. The case is demanding a departmental investigation in the interest of justice.

The leaders said that no one was spared by harassing the journalists unnecessarily and it cannot be believed that you will also get it. So come on; We work against the inconsistencies, injustices and irregularities of the society through the work of police-journalists together. Forgetting the differences is not a snake-neule relationship; We work to establish the golden Bengal of Bangabandhu’s dream through journalist-police friendship.

Journalist Kazi Farzana says; I do not know the plaintiff in the case. I never talked to him. But he has filed a case accusing me. After the case, Boalkhali Police Station OC Abdul Karim has been sharing likes on various social media outlets for the purpose of spreading the news on the online portal. This is undermining my social dignity. I am also demanding my trial if I am found guilty in a proper investigation of this incident.

Earlier, Ayesha Farzana Boalkhali police had been using CCTV cameras to extort money from various individuals and organizations, and to report corruption and irregularities in various local administrations, including against SI Jahangir Al Aman.

Kazi Ayesha Farzana, a local educated, elegant and courageous journalist, has been working as a journalist in the area for 19 years but some so-called journalists have written about her. The BMSF expressed outrage against these newspapers.