/For The First Time ,No Indian On Mahashivaratri in Katas Raj Temples Of Pak

For The First Time ,No Indian On Mahashivaratri in Katas Raj Temples Of Pak

Today there will not be any revered devotees of India on Mahashivaratri in Katsasraj temple of Lord Shiva, situated on the hill, 280 kilometers away from Lahore, Pakistan. Katasaraja Temple, more than 1000 years old Lord Shiva, is located in Chakwal district of Sindh province of Pakistan.

This happened because the pilgrims did not get visa for Pakistan due to the tension created after the Pulwama attack. Earlier it happened after the 1999 Kargil war and the 2008 Mumbai attacks. However, the temple over 1000 years has been cleaned for Mahashivaratri. The water of 150 ft long and 90 feet wide pavilion is clearly visible as a glass.

Until recently, the cement factories near it were extracting water from the bore well, due to which the level of ground water was reduced and the lake reached the brink of drying. Then on the petition of Hindus of Sindh, the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the cure of the lake.

Sanpratap Bajaj, Convenor, Sanatan Dharm Sabha, who took the Indian Jatha Katasaraja temple for 36 years, told that 141 pilgrims from India had applied for visa to go to Katasraj. But, after the Pulwama attack, we decided not to go there.

It is being told that some Hindu families of Sindh will also perform Jalajicha of Lord Shiva on our behalf. According to Indo-Pak Protocol 1972, 200 Indian katasaraj can go every year.
This temple was constructed from the sixth century to the middle of the nineteenth century. It is said that this temple was also in the Mahabharata period (Tretayug). Many stories of Pandavas associated with this temple are famous. It is also believed that Pandavas had spent some time here during exile.

According to the assumptions, the khatak kund of Katasaraj temple is made of Lord Shiva’s tears. There is a story behind the creation of the Kathakara Kund of Katasraj Mandir. It is said that when Goddess Sati died, Lord Shiva cried so much in their grief that their tears became a river. Which made two Kunds One of which is on the pilgrimage called Pushkar of Rajasthan and the other is in the Katasraj temple.

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