December 6, 2021, 8:39 pm
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General Bipin Rawat appointed India’s first CDS


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General Bipin Rawat took over as India’s first Chief of Defense Staff; A four-star general, Rawat will serve as the tri-service chief and also advise the Prime Minister-led Atomic Command Authority.

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat, who has been appointed as the head of the country’s first Ministry of Defense, laid a wreath at the National War Memorial. Later, General Rawat received his Farewell Guard of Honor as Army Chief in South Block.

General Rawat is the first officer to hold the post of Chief of Defense Staff, which was recently established. General Rawat will serve as the Principal Military Advisor to the Minister of Defense on all matters relating to the Army, Navy and Air Force. C.D.S will also head the Department of Military Affairs to be created within the Ministry of Defense.

Addressing media persons, General Bipin Rawat said that today when he joined the post of Chief of Army Staff, he expressed gratitude to the soldiers, rank and file of the Indian Army, who have remained stable under challenging circumstances.

Speaking on the appointment of the first CDS in the country, defense expert PK Sehgal said that defense policy is an extension of foreign policy. Integration and synergy between defense policy, foreign policy and finance is important for India to emerge as a strong force.

Many congratulations to General Bipin Rawat on being appointed as the head of the country’s first defense staff #CDS. I am sure that their loyalty will improve cooperation, coordination and interoperability between the armed forces.

The US State Department, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, has congratulated General Bipin Rawat on his appointment as India’s first defense chief. This situation will help catalyze US-India ‘joint’ cooperation between our terrorists.