/GHIAL goes Single-use plastic products

GHIAL goes Single-use plastic products

The Govt. of India’s campaign to phase out Single-use Plastics (SUP) by 2022, GMR led Hyderabad International Airport has declared itself as Single-use Plastic free airport from 1st March 2020 and zero tolerance on usage of Single-use Plastic has been imposed across the airport, which includes all concessionaires and service providers operating at the airport.

Mr. SGK Kishore, CEO-GHIAL, said, “GHIAL has declared Hyderabad International Airport to be a Single-Use Plastic Free airport in line with the Hon’ble PM’s vision to abolish all Single-use Plastic (SUP) from India by 2022. In addition to phasing out of SUP, we are also promoting eco-friendly alternatives for our service providers/concessionaires.

Some of the plastic items that are exempted from the list of the phased out items, include security tamper evident bags (STEBs), sealed PET bottles, pre-packaged materials from manufacturers meant for sale, etc.

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