June 19, 2021, 3:02 pm
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Glorious night

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Glorious night

Today is Shabbat. The most awaited, infinitely glorious and virtuous night of the Muslim world. Every year the night of the 14th of Shaban is celebrated as Shabebarat. Prophet Karim Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) said, on this night God’s mercy is showered on the people of the world. This night is the night of distribution of fortune and mercy.

In the Qur’an, Shabebarat is called ‘Lailatul Mubarakatun’, meaning good night. After a year of happiness, sorrow, deprivation, this holy night of Shabebarat has come back to us. According to many, it is on this night that Allah, the Creator of the worlds and the Lord of the worlds, the Most Merciful, decides the fate of the next one year for all mankind. On this night, Allah Pak accepts the supplications and repentance of His servants and forgives their sins.

The importance and dignity of this holy night is immense for every Muslim. It is obligatory to observe this glorious night in the court of Allah Almighty with a devoted heart. There is no value in mere formality. No show of formality reaches the court of God. Only the longing of the heart of His servant, the sincerity and sincerity of purpose, the purity of heart and the firmness and purity of determination reach the court of God. It is useless to try to get the mercy of Allah (swt) by worshiping only on the night of Holy Shabbat.

That is why Islam instructs us to be novices in good deeds throughout the year. In addition to prayers, fasting, worship and adoration, the best creation of Allah is the human duty towards human beings, the fulfillment of the duties of Islam. If this duty is not performed properly, there is no place in the court of Allah.

It is a pity that every year on the occasion of this Shabebarat, the matter of external style seems to be the main thing among us. All the sanctity and solemnity of this night was lost and the fireworks fell. Unnecessary lighting competition goes on. All this is completely unwelcome. It is better to observe this night in a solemn atmosphere, with an honest and holy mind, through worship. In this way only Shabebarat can become full, successful and manifested in great significance.

Before Shabbat, religious extremists have been involved in violence in different parts of the country. Violence, violence, envy are not the teachings of Islam. The goal of Islam is to establish peace. We hope that by adopting this teaching, people or groups following Islam will devote themselves to the welfare of humanity.