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D/T : 8 August 2022 9:50 AM

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Great Minds on India’  in Punjabi also



The government of Punjab has recently informed the writer from Shillong – Salil Gewali, about its approval of the book titled – ‘Great Minds on India’ for translation into Punjab’s official language Punjabi. Gewali’s research-based book has already been translated into thirteen languages and won the appreciation of several literary organizations from Punjab. The decision on the translation and publication was directly taken by the Chief Minister Office. The translation department in Patiala has also sought the Hindi edition from the writer, apart from the English, for the accurate transition of the book. The research work spanning over twenty-four years by Mr. Gewali has been held in high esteem by many eminent scholars across the world, apart and political leaders in the country. The Governor of West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, and the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh not only officially launched Gewali’s book, but they applauded the contents of the book and its significance in the present context in their speeches and appreciation letters. The Chief Minister of Gujarat has recently sent Mr. Gewali the personal appreciation letter.

Mr. Gewali says that he is highly grateful to the poetess Smt. Srishti Jaitwani and her other literary friends from Ludhiana who had made the formal approach to the government of Punjab for the translation of ‘Great Minds on India’ into the Punjabi language. This book has also been published in kindle edition by the prestigious international company – Penguin Random House. The book first published in 2009 was officially launched by the then Governor of Meghalaya Shri RS Mushahary.

Prefaced by the NASA Chief scientist, Gewali’s ‘Great Minds on India’ contains the quotes, opinions, and thoughts of the world-renowned intellectual giants in appreciation of the ancient literature of India.  The book bears testimony to the contribution of the ancient sages to the world in the development of modern science, mathematics, linguistics, metallurgy, cosmology, psychology, and other areas of studies.  A scholar from Brooklyn, New York says – “ I congratulate Salil Gewali for this wonderful book on Indian classical literature in the eyes of the western scholars. True intellectual minds who are free from prejudices always appreciate Indian wisdom. Indian wisdom is fully secular and universal.’ Mr. Brooklyn has studied many ancient books and is a yoga practitioner.   

A Senior Journalist with more than 15 Years of experience in writing for News papers , magazines, and reporting /Editing for news channels like Asian News International (ANI) ,DD yadgiri, Munsif Tv, DNA News Paper,New Global Indian, Hindusthan Samachar are name of few.

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