/Great Relief To Muslim Women: The Prez sanctions Triple Talaq Bill

Great Relief To Muslim Women: The Prez sanctions Triple Talaq Bill

President Ramnath Kovind approved the Muslim Women (Marriage Rights Protection) Bill, 2013 on Wednesday night. Simultaneously, the bill of women giving triple talaq became law. With the formation of the law of the Muslim woman (Protection of Rights on marriage) Bill, 2019, now it is a legal offense to give divorces by oral, written or any other means.

Despite Triple Talaq Bill passes in the Lok Sabha, the bill, which was rejected in the Rajya Sabha, was finally passed on Tuesday in the Upper House. 99 votes in the bill and 84 votes in opposition.

On June 25, during the debate on the President’s address in the first Parliament session after the Lok Sabha election 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had requested Congress to correct the mistake. He had said that Congress got many big opportunities for women empowerment, but every time he missed it.

During the debate on the uniform civil code in the 1950s, he missed the first opportunity. After 35 years, Shahbano lost another chance during the case. Now they have another chance as Triple Talaq Bill.

After having passed this bill with a majority in the Lok Sabha last week, it was doubtful of having it for the fourth time in the Rajya Sabha. The reason is that the government does not have a majority in the upper house. In spite of this, the bill was passed with the help of the opposition parties and the allies.

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