/“Haripukur village”- where one part of the house is in India and the other in Bangladesh

“Haripukur village”- where one part of the house is in India and the other in Bangladesh

Yes, it is. There is a village and house in India and Bangladesh in the same street. The International Border Line (IB) drawn between the two countries pass through the houses and the streets. One house has one room in India and the second room has reached the border of Bangladesh.

A door of the house is opening in India and the second door opens in Bangladesh. There is such a place, where the IB line is passing through the middle of a three-foot street. In such a situation, when a person walks in that street, one foot stays in India and the second leg is in Bangladesh.

It can be estimated that how much perspiration the BSF should have to scrutinize on so intricate borders.

This situation can be seen in Haripukur village on the India-Bangladesh border. This village falls in the Dinajpur district of Bangladesh. South Dinajpur district of West Bengal on the other side of the border line. There is also a pond in this village. However, according to the border line, it is in India, but it is used by people from both countries.

In this village, international border line jig-jig has been drawn in size. When you enter the village while passing through the pond, a lane comes. The width of this street is barely two to three feet. India is on one side of the street and Bangladesh on the other side. Whenever a person passes through this street, then he is going together in India and Bangladesh.

Similarly, the houses which are built here are also half in India and half are in Bangladesh. There is a mosque, half of which is in both countries. Village Sadiq Imran explains, there is no problem here. People go to the houses and walk in the street too. When the BSF or Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) personnel come to patrol, then we become careful. They asked, what is our fault now?

In the village, farm-barn or cattle enclosure is also made together. When water is given in the fields, it crosses ten inches wide IB and goes into each other’s borders. When people of West Bengal come to cultivate here, they talk to us. Sit together When the crop falls, then sometimes falls in the borders of India, sometimes in Bangladesh.

The animals of the village cross the border and keep on eating in each other’s fields. If they have to bring them, then the border also has to be lifted. If someone is sick or has had an accident with someone, then the border line passing through the street is not seen at that time. Runs for help immediately

BSF officials say that they keep patrolling from time to time. Because the border is between a dense population that it is not possible to keep an eye out of it all the time. For example, you take the mosque only. People from both countries come here to read Namaz here. The structure of the mosque is also divided into both countries. In the week, BSF soldiers sometimes sit with the villagers.

Actually, these are the major sources of rural intelligence. Whenever a suspect enters the village or is seen around, then they tell the BSF. A person has come into the village with suspicious equipment or material, then late information is reached to BSF. The BSF caught the suspect and handed him over to the police.

It is very difficult for the BSF to inspect this border. If a smuggler is running ahead and there is a BSF behind it, then she enters any of the street in the street which falls in the border of Bangladesh. After this the BSF can not do anything except waiting or warning. There are many such villages in the village whose front door opens in India, then in the back of Bangladesh.

Smugglers take advantage of this. As soon as they feel aware that the police or the BSF are coming, they throw suspicious objects or goods across the street. That means that the object has now crossed the border. BSW commandant BS Negi explains, “Our young men are monitoring suspicious activities for 24 hours.

If we have any information from the Intelligence that there is a wrong move in the border of Bangladesh or the smugglers have brought any suspicious objects, then we inform the border guards Bangladesh. They cooperate fully and the accused is caught. BSF and BGB joint patrols also.

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