/Here are 11 big things related to MOON

Here are 11 big things related to MOON

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched its second mission’Chandrayaan-2′. On July 22, at 2.43 pm, the rocket ‘Bahubali’ took off from Chandrayaan-2, from the launch pad in Sri Harikota. From now on, Chandrayaan will descend on the Moon’s surface 48 days later and find out the secrets there.

The mission to see the moon closely and its secrets was started almost 50 years ago in 1959, when Neil Armstrong became the first person to go to the moon. Since then scientists from around the world have come to know many things about the moon. Do you know what is the temperature of the moon? Do you know whether the mountain is on the moon or not? Do you know whether there is any impact on earth on earth or earthquake? We are just telling you the answers to many interesting questions like this.

  1. How far is the distance between the moon and the earth?
    The distance of the moon from the Earth is approximately 3,84,409 kilometers.
  2. According to the size and density, where does the moon come in solar satellites?
    If seen according to size, then the moon is the fifth largest natural satellite in the entire solar system. This is the only permanent natural satellite on earth. At the same time, according to the density, the moon comes in second place. The highest density is Jupiter’s Saturn Io. This is followed by the location of the moon.
  3. In what days does the moon completes one revolution of the earth?
    The Moon revolves around the earth in 27.3 days while roaming on its axis.
  4. Are there mountains on the moon?
    Yes, there are mountains on the moon too. The name of the highest mountain of the moon is Hijn. It is about 4700 meters high.
  5. What is the temperature of night and day on the moon?
    Like the Earth, the temperature of different places on different parts of the moon is different in day and night. But there is a lot of difference between the day and night temperature, different from the earth. The temperature goes up to 173 degrees in the night near the equator of the moon. Whereas during the day the temperature rises to 127 degrees. In some deep craters, the temperature is always less than minus 240.
  6. Does earth’s earthquake affect the moon also?
    If an earthquake occurs on Earth, then the vibration is on the surface of the moon. The cause of this vibration is the gravitational force.
  7. Does the weight lose more on the moon?
    On the moon, you will feel lose weight. Because there is less than five times the gravity of Earth.
  8. Who created the moon map for the first time?
    Looked like a moon on the telescope, the map was first created by British astronomer Thomas Harriet.
  9. How many people have gone to the moon so far?
    Since 1959, there have been 12 people from all over the world on the moon.
  10. Is there water on the moon?
    The area of ​​the moon is always in the shade, there is also water available in the form of ice.
  11. Does the moon be big in size or Sun?
    Sun is 400 times bigger than Moon. But both of the Earth look almost the same size. The reason is that the moon is closer to the Earth than the Sun.

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