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D/T : 3 July 2022 5:44 PM

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Hijab Row: Muslim organisations in Karnataka called for a bandh to protest the hijab Verdict



Bengaluru: Muslim organisations in Karnataka have called for a ‘bandh’ on Thursday to protest the Karnataka High Court’s decision on the hijab case.

On Tuesday, the high court dismissed all petitions asking the government to direct the government to allow hijab in classrooms. The court also stated that wearing the hijab is not a requirement for practising Islam.

On Wednesday, Karnataka’s Amir-E-Shariat, Maulana Sagir Ahmad Khan Rashadi, called for a state-wide bandh on Thursday, which was backed by hundreds of organisations across the southern state.

“A state-wide bandh will be observed on Thursday to express our anger over the sad order of the Karnataka High Court regarding hijab,” Rashadi said, appealing to the entire Muslim community to support the bandh from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday.


The bandh has also received support from the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and the Campus Front of India (CFI). Both organisations claimed that the high court decision violated an individual’s constitutional rights.

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