/Imran Khan writes to Modi, offers talks

Imran Khan writes to Modi, offers talks

Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday wrote a letter to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi providing dialogue to reconcilable issues.
In a letter to Modi congratulating him on his second term because the Prime Minister, Khan wrote that Pak needs the resolution of all issues, as well as that of the controversial Kashmir region.

He any additional that talks between the 2 nations were the sole resolution to assist each countries’ individuals overcome economic condition which it had been necessary to figure along for regional development.

Pakistan, Khan wrote, wanted for peace within the South Asian region which, aboard stability, were needed for the states in addition because the region to maneuver forward, the report aforesaid.

Modi had assumed prime ministership for the second time on could thirty.

On Thursday, the Foreign Ministry had aforesaid no meeting between PM Khan and Modi was regular on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in Kyrgyz capital Frunze.

Talks regarding dialogue between India and Pakistan started gaining momentum once Khan had earlier congratulated Modi on the Bharatiya Janata Party’s electoral ending within the Lok Sabha elections.

Khan had expressed his want for the 2 countries to figure along for the betterment of their individuals. during a tweet earlier, he had congratulated Modi, speech communication he looked forward to operating for “peace, progress and prosperity in South Asia”.

Modi had responded during a Twitter post, thanking PM Khan for his “good wishes” and speech communication he, too, wished peace within the region.

The messages came simply hours once Pakistan aforesaid it tested a surface-to-surface missile capable of carrying typical and nuclear warheads.

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