December 6, 2021, 9:22 pm
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In Bangladesh, the media is free from ‘all-out lockdown’

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In Bangladesh, the media is free from ‘all-out lockdown’

The media is free from ‘all-out lockdown’
Other emergency and essential goods and services offices, including the media (print and electronic media), their staff and vehicles will be exempt from the ban in the “all-out lockdown” starting tomorrow. In other words, the work and movement of the media workers will continue.

This has been said about the 13-point ban on all-out lockdown issued by the cabinet department. When asked, Chief Information Officer of the Government of Bangladesh Surath Kumar told Prothom Alo that newspaper agents, hawkers and newspaper transport would also be out of the scope of this all-encompassing lockdown.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed said that even though the police launched a special app to give ‘movement pass’ to control the movement of people during the eight-day lockdown, media personnel will not need this pass.

According to the police, in order to get out of the homes of ordinary people in case of emergency, one has to enter the web address After filling in the required information, you have to download and print it. The printed copy will be treated as a movement pass.