/India is with you: PM says ISRO Scientists

India is with you: PM says ISRO Scientists

Addressing ISRO scientists, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praises the hard work and determination of scientists and says that India is with you, learning from today will make us stronger and better.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed ISRO as well as scientists of the nation after spending the night monitoring the last phase of Mission Chandrayaan-2.

The Prime Minister said that last-minute bottlenecks in the mission were just one more lesson for scientists. He said that the desire and will power to reach the moon has been strengthened.

PM Modi said that the nation salutes the spirit of ISRO scientists who surrender their best to the nation. He honored them as exceptional professionals who have made an incredible contribution to national progress.

He said that India is proud of our scientists who have given their best and has always made India proud. The Prime Minister said that he had shared moments of disappointment with her and was blessed to see her dedication to her work.

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