/India will play in Guwahati in 2020: Rijiju

India will play in Guwahati in 2020: Rijiju

Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju announced on Saturday the third edition of India play. While tweeting on his twitter account, Rijiju shared the information related to this particular tournament.

Rijiju said, “I am happy to inform that the third edition of India will be played in Guwahati in the year 2020 by January 18-30.” During this, more than 10000 players and officials will participate in this. It will be organized by the IOA, SGFI and the host state Assam together.

Play India is an ambitious project related to the game of Indian government, which is mainly organized for under-17 under-school and under-21 students of the college.

Rijiju said in the Parliament about Play India, that it would help in selecting talent from villages and remote areas.

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