June 19, 2021, 3:40 pm
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Israel-Palestine conflict updates: Israel continues airstrikes on Hamas launch sites

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Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on May 14 that it continued to launch airstrikes on Hamas rocket launch sites. The IDF said during a series of tweets: “Our jets and aircraft just struck variety of Hamas launch sites and observation posts in Gaza.” It added that the Iron Dome Aerial defence system had intercepted a Hamas UAV that crossed from Gaza into Israel. It also said that it had targeted the Hamas ‘metro’ tunnel system in Gaza. IDF has posted 160 aircraft, tanks, artillery and infantry units along the border and claimed that 150 targets were destroyed or damaged along the Hamas ‘metro’ network.

Radical rabbi’s followers rise in Israel amid new violence

Right-wing parties that support Jewish settlements and oppose Palestinian independence won an outsized majority of seats in March, and Netanyahu and other right-wing leaders have often cast Israel’s Arab…
International court investigation to focus on people involved in Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed

People involved within the bloodshed in Israel-Palestine conflict could also be targeted by a world court (ICC) investigation now under way into alleged war crimes, its top prosecutor told Reuters. Fatou Bensouda of ICC said she would plow ahead with inquiry even without Israel’s cooperation, which accuses her office of anti-Semitic bias, and isn’t a member of the treaty-based court. “These are events that we are watching very seriously,” Bensouda said. “We are monitoring very closely and that i remind that an investigation has opened and therefore the evolution of those events could even be something we glance at.

Four arrested in suspicion of participating in Jerusalem Day violence

Four residents of East Jerusalem are arrested on the suspicion of participating within the Jerusalem Day violence. The violence ignited on Jerusalem Day sparked the continued escalation and fuelled rioting in cities across Israel, per Jerusalem Post. Since Monday, authorities have arrested over 750 people.

Civilian deaths mount in West Bank and Jordan

West Bank and Jordan in Israel are witnessing continued violent protests and mounting civilian deaths since the morning. Scores and many people in Ghor (near West Bank border in Jordan Valley) have gathered to chant “Freedom for Gaza, freedom for al-Aqsa.” Similarly, people have close , albeit in smaller numbers, in cities like Nablus, Hebron, Ramallah, Jenin, and Bethlehem. (via The Guardian)

Gaza’s families flee intense Israeli bombardment

Palestinians living along Gaza’s northern and eastern borders are fleeing intense Israeli bombardment. Families toting supplies sought refuge on Friday in temporary shelters in central Gaza City as Israeli artillery pounded northern Gaza in an effort to destroy a huge network of militant tunnels. The assault brought the front lines closer to dense civilian areas and paved the way for a possible ground invasion.

Wizz Air joins airlines cancelling Tel Aviv flights

Wizz Air has cancelled all flights to Tel Aviv on Friday and Saturday, joining other airlines in avoiding Israel thanks to escalating conflict there. Flights to Tel Aviv from Abu Dhabi within the United Arab Emirates, Larnaca in Cyprus and Varna in Bulgaria were cancelled on Friday, Wizz Air’s website showed. the ecu Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has warned airlines to watch heightened tensions in Israel, including exchanges of rocket fire and air strikes. “The situation within the region remains a matter of high concern for commercial aviation,” it said during a bulletin to airlines on Wednesday.

Islamic party demonstrated in Bangladesh’s capital on Friday to denounce attacks by Israel against Palestinians. After the top of Eid a—Fitr prayers at Dhaka’s main Baitul Mokarram Mosque, activists from the Islamic Andolan Bangladesh, or Islamic Movement Bangladesh, began protesting and were joined by thousands of others. Afterward, protesters crowded together outside, carrying signs reading “Boycott terrorist state Israel” and chanting “Down with Israel”.