/Jhanda Mela to starts today , about one million pilgrims from all over the country and abroad.

Jhanda Mela to starts today , about one million pilgrims from all over the country and abroad.

The Jhanda festival of love, goodwill, brotherhood, humanity, reverence and faith will start from Monday. A special puja ceremony will start from around 6 in the morning. Mahanand Devendra Das Maharaj, the sangadashin of Sri Durbar Sahib, will hoist the flag of Jhandeji at five o’clock in the presence of thousands of followers. Thousands of comers reached from India and abroad to become witnesses of this holy bella. According to the fair committee, around one million pilgrims will be present on the first day of this month’s fair.

Mr. Durbar Sahib, Jhanda Mela Management Committee has completed all the preparations for the fair. Mahant Devendra Das Maharaj gave the gurmantra to the accompaniments (Sunday) on the eve of the fair. While assimilating the gurmantra, the accompaniment took the blessing of the flag leader and Guru Maharaj. Fair Officer Casey Juyal said that on Monday morning the old flag will be brought down from the law. After that the new flag will be bathe with cow’s milk, curd, ghee, butter, cow urine, gangaajal. Twilight will be offered from Jhalakshi to Afternoon.

This year, village Simli, Tehsil Garhshankar, Hoshiarpur, Punjab resident Kesar Singh will give Tej Singh face giraffe. For this the family had to wait a long time. Kesher Singh’s family is very excited to offer the balloon. The plain gillafs are offered within Their number is 41. Shaniel gilafs are offered in the middle. Their number is 21 The most outward facing gilaffe is offered. Their number is only one.

Sri Guru Ramrai Ji Maharaj is the founder of Dehradun

The history of the Jhanda festival is related to the existence of Dehradun. Sri Guru Ramrai Maharaj’s debut (Dehradun Arrival) was done in 1676 in Doon. Guru Maharaj Ji gave a message to Sri Durbar Sahib to get blessings from this flag by placing a huge flag for public welfare. With this, the tradition of philosophy of Shri Jhanda Sahib started. Sri Guru Ramrai Maharaj is called the founder of Dehradun. Sri Guru Ramaray Maharaj Ji was the eldest son of the seventh Guru Guru Harayy of the Sikhs. He was born on the fifth day of Holi in 1646 in Kiratpur village of Hoshiarpur (now Ropar) in Punjab.

Broadcasting of the fair from four major LED screens
The Sri Durbar Sahib Fair Committee is currently conducting a fair live broadcast from four major LED screens. There is a screen facing gate, a Bhandari chowk, one Saharanpur square and one screen inside the Shri Darbar Sahib complex.

Shri Mahant Indresh Hospital has also set up a health camp at the venue. In this, check the health of the devotees and medicines are being given free of cost. Hospital’s Senior Public Relations Officer Bhupendra Rathodi said that on behalf of the hospital, free medicines are being given to the patients. At the same time, an ambulance has also been made available on behalf of the hospital.

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