October 25, 2021, 10:57 am
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MAA Elections :Junior Artists Association Elections Stir Up Controversy in Hyderabad

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Leaders of the Junior Artists’ Association have requested that the ‘MAA’ elections be held once all bogus voters have been deleted from the voter list. As many as 3,609 junior artists have the right to vote in the October 10 (Sunday) elections, according to Ravinder Sankuri, Ramaveni, Ashok Bejwada, and others at the Jubilee Police Station on Friday, but many claim they are not members of the union when they call those whose names are on the voter list, while others refuse to respond.

Swami Goud and Vallabhaneni Anil Kumar have called for Seshagiri Rao’s nomination to be revoked because it has nothing to do with the film industry. The junior artists’ group asked that the voter list be updated and elections be held promptly, according to the lawsuit. SK Mallika, a junior artist, filed a complaint with the Jubilee Hills police, alleging that information was placed on the notice board just four days before the junior artiste union general meeting in September, without announcing the election date of October 10.

They said that even when they requested data from the union, they were not given; when questioned about this, he received no response.