/Junior Doctors get teary eyes when meeting with Senior Doctors in WB
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Junior Doctors get teary eyes when meeting with Senior Doctors in WB

More than 100 senior doctors have resigned collectively in the RG hospital of Kolkata, West Bengal. The special thing is that after the resignation, all these doctors met in the group and went to the hospital where the junior doctor is in the agitation. As soon as his senior doctors saw junior doctors, their eyes were full of tears. The roar of applause was buzzing around and senior and junior doctors were simultaneously slogging the slogans of “We want justice, we want justice”.

The doctors of this hospital have submitted their resignation to the Director of State Health Department. These people have made it clear that they are not able to treat the patients due to lack of a doctor. That is why the mass resigns After the barbaric attack on junior doctors in NRS hospital on June 10 last year, junior doctors across the state had staged a strike but senior doctors kept distance from the movement. The junior doctors were also suspicious by this. He was also scared of what would happen to his future, where medical colleges did not stop their certificates, but on Friday, when the senior doctor also resigned, he was feeling very emotional. Having found near his superiors, the jury doctor has got the hope of justice.

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