/KCR says there is no uranium mining in Nallamala Forest

KCR says there is no uranium mining in Nallamala Forest

The TRS government will not allow uranium mining in the Nallamala forests at any cost, the uranium project will be a major damage to the environment, TS Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said in the assembly.

The CM announced that the State Legislative Assembly would pass a single-sentence resolution on Monday denying permission to uranium mining and send a copy of it to the Center. His government, along with all political parties in the state, was ready to fight against the Center if it ignores the House proposal and goes ahead with uranium mining.

Chief Minister responding to the discussion in the House on the budget on Sunday
The members were assured that their government would protect the forests of Nallamala. There was no need for people to feel related to uranium mining as the state government would never allow uranium mining in the forests of Nalamala to the Center.

The previous Congress government had allowed uranium mining, although political parties and people objected. Already Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL) was mining uranium in Kadapa.

KCR expressed his concern that Krishna water would be polluted if the Center mined uranium in the Nallamala forests. He said that the people of Hyderabad would also be affected as they were drinking Krishna water.

At this point, CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramark suggested that the government should pass a single-sentence resolution in the assembly stating that the state government would not allow for uranium mining and send a copy to the Center.

The Chief Minister accepted the suggestion of the CLP leader. Municipal Minister K.T.
Rama Rao made it clear in the Legislative Council that the TRS government would not only allow for uranium mining, but also in the future.

During the Question Hour, KTR stated that the prospecting for uranium is complete
Lambapur in Nalgonda district, but this city could not make room in Kurnool-Amrabad
The forests. He cited a statement from the Wildlife Protection Department that it would not allow uranium mining, although the Nallamala forests had uranium reserves.

KTR then asked: “The Chief Minister has taken up the Haritram Haram program in a big way to protect the environment. How can one expect that he will allow uranium mining in the state? It may be recalled that protests against uranium mining in the state have gained momentum.
The Telangana Congress formed a committee under the leadership of senior leader V Hanumantha Rao to fight against uranium mining. Jan Sena, TJS and Left parties led by cine actor Pawan Kalyan also joined hands with Congress to agitate against uranium mining.

These parties are holding an all-party meeting on 16 September in Hyderabad to formulate an action plan to launch a movement against uranium mining. Cine directors and actors as well as celebrities like netizens were expanding their solidarity through social media platforms.

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