June 19, 2021, 4:31 pm
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Modi’s visit and custody riots

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Modi’s visit and custody riots

Four people were killed in a clash between police and Hefazat-e-Islam activists in Chittagong’s Hathazari on Friday. According to media reports, Hefazat activists attacked and vandalized various government installations in Hathazari in protest of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh. At that time, when they got involved in a clash with the police, casualties occurred. Hefazat activists allegedly attacked Hathazari Police Station, Upazila Nirbahi Officer’s (UNO) bungalow and Aceland’s office. At one stage of the clash, Hefazat activists reportedly picked up a policeman from the police station.

On the same day, a group of madrasa students were running from noon to evening at Brahmanbaria railway station. They vandalized various parts of the city and set fire to several vehicles. At least 150 people were injured in clashes between police and anti-Modi protesters in the capital’s Baitul Mukarram area.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Dhaka at the invitation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to attend the Golden Jubilee of Independence and the birth centenary celebrations of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Not only him, but also the heads of state and government of many countries in the region have attended the event. Had it not been for the global epidemic novel coronavirus or its end, perhaps heads of state and government from many distant lands would have attended the event. Neighboring India has made a great contribution in our liberation war. As a friendly country, it is normal for the country to be represented in this event. Here the person is not the main, the main is the country. Narendra Modi is the head of the country’s elected government.

No one in any country can disagree on any issue. Anyone can express like that. But the language or process of expressing an opinion or resentment must be acceptable. Attacks, vandalism, arson, damage to government or private property, abduction of law enforcement officers, disruption of public life cannot be a language of protest. Such activity would be considered terrorism under the law.

Hefazat-e-Islam has been seen to take violent forms before. People did not forget about their operation in the capital on May 5, 2013. At one point, they called for the fall of the government, saying it was a peaceful program. Even then, many political parties and social organizations have exposed them. In the past too, the organization has been involved in conflicts or creating anarchic situations on issues like women’s policy, trial of war criminals, installation of Bangabandhu’s sculpture, etc.

Hefazat-e-Islam, a Qawmi madrassa-based organization in the country, made its debut in 2010. The question arises as to where they accumulated so much energy in such a short time of their debut. There are allegations that big political parties expose religious extremist organizations in various ways at different times. It was seen after ’75 when the party that formed the government took them in its arms. With this revelation, today they are sitting on the necks of political parties like the ghost of Sindabad.

It has been seen before and it is still seen what can happen if the fanatics are given unjust help. If the political parties still do not get disillusioned and their tone does not change, the country may have to pay even greater compensation in the future. In this case, we would like to remind you of the consequences of Pakistan-Afghanistan. Many experts have also warned about this. They say that one of the biggest threats to Bangladesh’s sustainable development is religious extremism and backwardness.

For the past few days, a number of religious and left-wing organizations have been holding separate programs in protest of the Indian Prime Minister’s visit. Clashes also broke out in the capital’s Motijheel on Thursday afternoon. The question is whether the detectives or the administration could have guessed that this could lead to a bigger conflict, an untoward incident like a death on the day of the Golden Jubilee. If you can, you need to know if appropriate action has been taken. And even if you can’t predict the event, you need to know where the failure is.