December 6, 2021, 9:10 pm
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#Narappa :Wonder why Venkatesh Daggupati remake this?!

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Joining the current trend ..and current leaders and politicians in diving the people in the name of Religion, Caste, Region, colour , food tastes comes a movie to rake up long forgotten issue and glorifying the happenings of 70s and 80s in most despicable manner.

The movie is filled with reprehensible content glorifying violence replete with obnoxious scenes under the disguise of 60s and 70s reality!!

The story is of Narappa, belonging to the under privileged class , his struggle to hold on to its 3 acre land from the powers to be happened during 70s and 80s in the state. The fight to hold on to his land takes numerous turns with violence and humiliations shown in the most loathsome manner!!

After all the bloodshed till the last 1 minute , as typical in any Indian movie, Narappa advises his son to study and eschew violence!

Wonder why Venkatesh Daggupati remake this?!

Bottom-line : Now movies divide us, the people of India !!